"Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind."
— Walter Landor.

  • Online kupovina

    Stickershop vam omogućava jednostavno online naručivanje, čime uprošćavate svaki posao označavanja i brendiranja u vašem preduzeću.

    Brzo, jednostavno i precizno - to su kvaliteti koje gajimo za vas.

  • Proizvodnja i isporuka

    Savremene tehnologije štampe prilagođene potrebama naših kupaca čine nas izvanrednim proizvođačem. Isporuka na vašu adresu prati i našu besprekornu uslugu.

  • Bezbednost plaćanja

    Online poručivanje automatski šalje predračun na vašu email adresu. Nakon uplate, dobijate potvrdu plaćanja, fakturu i termin isporuke. Sve transparentno i u skladu sa zakonom.

  • ikonica - slikarska paleta

    Custom design

    Ako vam trebaju prilagođene nalepnice, vaš dizajn je i naš izbor.

    Stickershop je projektovan tako da nikada ne stane na put kreativnosti vašeg proizvoda i brenda.

  • Univerzalna primena

    Jasno prikazane specifikacije vam pomažu da odaberete vrstu stikera sa najboljim karakteristikama.

    Ako je primena univerzalna, to ćete takođe saznati.

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  • ikonica 5 zvedica kao ocena korisnika

    I am satisfied with the cooperation

    I am satisfied with the cooperation with your company. Each time the agreements were mutually respected and the labels arrived on time. We will cooperate in the future.

  • ikonica 5 zvedica kao ocena korisnika

    Quite correct cooperation

    Very correct cooperation with Stickershop. Once they even improved the shape of the sticker without our request and sent it to us for approval. Super quality.

  • ikonica 5 zvedica kao ocena korisnika

    My recommendations

    We are ordering for the 4th time and we are satisfied with the quality and deadlines. We cooperated easily every time, that is, we simply order through the website and it arrives by mail.

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stara štamparska presa - crno-bela fotografija

About us

What we print every day is far more, bigger and more complex than stickers, but through Stickershop we translate our experience into products according to your needs. Through the online sale of selected popular products, we want to make the business of our customers simpler.

We deal with offset and digital printing and combine old and new technologies. We believe in graphics and in the craftsman that is found in every skilled person, but we are equally fascinated by new technologies and their development.

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grafički uređaj za merenje boja

rules of the trade

Digital color quality control

Printers eye is well trained instrument, but digital instruments still give us greater security. We love color measurement and find it interesting to compare the results of eyes and machines.

digitalna štampa stikera u malim tiražima

safe steps only

Small runs for great security

We know how stressful it is to order large print runs. We know the need to see a test prints first - we do it regularly ourselves. Therefore, we have prepared for you an offer of small editions that can serve as that wonderful test print, actually several of them.

animacija email poruke


Savings are in the mailing list

Happiness is in giving, and it also fulfills us that we regularly send some discounts, coupons, promotions and the like. Don't miss the opportunity to register on our mailing list and get your benefits.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the width and height of the sticker in the specified dimensions?

It doesn't matter at all. The dimensions are there, and you determine the orientation when creating the design.

Are the stickers waterproof?

Paper stickers are not waterproof, but they also do not come off as easily as water-soluble adhesive labels from glass bottles because their adhesive on the back makes them more permanent.

Laminated paper stickers have the water repellency that plasticization gives them, but they are still sensitive to prolonged exposure to moisture.

PVC stickers are completely waterproof even in outdoor conditions and even for several years.

What after I've found the type of sticker I'm interested in?

  1. The first step is to choose the maximum dimensions that fit your sticker design,
  2. Then you choose some of the offered print-runs that are tailored by the production technology,
  3. Upload a sticker design ,
  4. Enter exact dimensions or some other important information in the Note field,
  5. You click on the button to Purchase . The process will require the necessary data from you to complete the procedure by which the order confirmation will be sent to your email, all with a link to the PDF estimate .
  6. Make the payment according to the proforma invoice within the next 4 working days,
  7. Within the next 24 hours of placing the order, we review the document and specifications that you have submitted to us and determine the delivery date that runs after the payment of the pro forma invoice.
  8. We issue an e-invoice upon payment.
  9. After sending the shipment, we inform you about the tracking number .

What are the payment methods?

Stickershop works only with legal entities and the only way of payment is by proforma invoice with stated VAT. We will soon establish a service for cooperation with natural persons and other types of payments.

I need sticker dimensions that are not offered by you.

Due to our production process, you must choose the dimension that best fits your design when ordering. Just as it is necessary to submit a document for printing via the Upload field, it is also necessary to leave a note about the actual dimensions of the stickers that you send us for printing.

What types of materials are used for stickers?

There are two basic materials for digital sticker printing and both are basically white in color:

  1. Self-adhesive paper colloquially known as "Mouflon", semi-glossy and matte, depending on the type of sticker. Some can be laminated with BOPP foil, but they are certainly most often used in indoor conditions.
  2. PVC film with transparent glue. It is suitable both for outdoor conditions and for surfaces such as metal or treated wood.

What are declaration stickers?

Product labels in the form of stickers are textual or alphanumeric specifications that must be added to the product packaging, individual or collective packaging. Three types are most commonly used:

  1. Textual product label
  2. Bar code
  3. QR code

Product labels/stickers have their dimensions determined by industry standards and must have black text and/or bar code and QR code elements on a white background .

How UV resistant is the print?

With both paper and PVC stickers, you can expect UV resistance of several years in outdoor conditions. In indoor conditions, it is a much longer period of time.

How fine details can be printed?

Always keep in mind that the magnification provided by the screen is not comparable to the abilities of our eye in nature. We are therefore guided by common sense and judgment that, for example, 2mm letters are hard to read. In comparison, books are printed with a text size of 9pt and larger and it is not recommended to use for declarations a font size smaller than 6pt.

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