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Paper black and white product labels

Paper black and white product labels

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Paper labels with black and white printing of only text, barcode or QR code in standard dimensions for numerous innovative applications of black and white self-adhesive labels:

  • the legal obligation to mark the product with a manufacturer's data on product label,
  • marking positions in the warehouse with a QR code,
  • sender's address on letters,
  • brief operating instructions
  • labeling of collective packages of products with or without a bar code and,
  • many other applications where they win with their price and practicality

We print on matte self-adhesive paper of standard quality at unbeatable prices. The stickers are UV resistant, but the printing material is not waterproof. Material resistant to low temperatures is also available on request. Choose from the list the maximum dimension in which your sticker fits and then the quantity. If the offered dimensions do not meet your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to adjust the price to your label.

Technical characteristics

Water resistance: partially
UV resistance: partially
Print: b/w laser
Material: self-adhesive paper
Material surface: Matte


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