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Honey jar label

Honey jar label

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Self-adhesive honey label: increase sales and stand out!

Acacia, Meadow, Sunflower, Forest, Lavender or Buckwheat honey - each requires a self-adhesive label and declaration in order to most successfully convey its miraculous properties to the widest range of consumers.

Please provide the following information with your order.

Increase your honey sales and stand out from the competition with our attractive self-adhesive honey labels! Here are the most important reasons for you:

  • Inform consumers and highlight the benefits: The label should provide all the necessary information about the honey, such as:
    1. type of honey (according to the plant or part of the plant),
    2. label according to the method of obtaining (e.g. potted or honeycomb honey)
    3. net weight ,
    4. manufacturer name,
    5. ingredients (pure honey or with additives in percentages),
    6. the name of the area of ​​origin of the honey,

and additional information such as brand name or product name, topographic-geographical origin, unique advantages of your honey (local, organic, etc.), contact details of the producer and more are also desirable. This helps customers make an informed purchasing decision and may steer them towards choosing your honey over a competitor's product.

  • Marketing and Branding Increase Your Sales: A label is a great marketing tool to promote your brand and set your honey apart from the competition. Using strong images, a logo, and a short description that describes the qualities of your honey, the label can encourage customers to buy. Enter a slogan or message to customers and increase sales,
  • Professional appearance builds trust: A quality label gives your honey a professional appearance and increases the value of perception among customers. A label that looks expensive and professional creates confidence among customers that the honey inside is of high quality, and the ethnic look suggests the naturalness of the honey.

Technical characteristics

Water resistance: Yes, if it is laminated
UV resistance: Yes, if it is laminated
Print: Color Laser
Material: Self-adhesive paper
Material surface: Matt


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