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Paper stickers custom shaped

Paper stickers custom shaped

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Tired of being overtaken by competition while you're in a sea of ​​impersonal packaging? It's time for your products to highlight their uniqueness! Our custom printed paper labels are the secret agent that will transform your unbranded products into a powerful marketing weapon.

Create custom labels with color printing and the perfect shape that no one will be able to ignore!

A wide selection of sizes of self-adhesive labels and attractive prices allows you to find the perfect solution for any product, from mini bottles to large boxes. Simply choose the dimensions and quantity , and we will take care of the rest.

But this is not just a story about looks. These labels and stickers are also functional, with your design and our quality printing materials.

  • Need an ingredient declaration or instructions for use?
  • A gift to customers that you deliver with the product or an introduction to the loyalty program that you are launching?
  • Coupons, prize stickers, branding at the point of sale ...

There are thousands of applications of self-adhesive declarations and the limit is only your imagination. We are here to help you!

Technical characteristics

Water resistance: Print only
UV resistance: Print only
Print: Color laser
Material: Self-adhesive paper
Material surface: Semi-gloss


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