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Unraveling the mystery: Mouflon self-adhesive paper

It is almost a mystery how and why the word Mouflon associates us with self-adhesive paper. At least that's the case with most users of stickers who are not closely related to the profession or remember some "old" times and know that it is not a mythical animal.

Muflon is a brand of self-adhesive paper produced by the Radeče factory from the village of the same name near Celje in Slovenia. The factory is for the sign and the brand adopted the mighty alpine animal as its symbol which surely helped the success of the brand. For decades, Mouflon was the most common self-adhesive paper for the graphic industry in the SFRY and in the successor republics, and it became a kind of synonym (like a razor blade or mediapan) in these areas. Radeče is the oldest paper production in the region, whose beginnings date back to 1736. The Radeče paper factory produced numerous other types of paper, including banknote paper, but with the unification of the EU, it lost part of the market and finally went bankrupt.

Under the changed ownership structure, production of Mouflon continues today. Carrier paper from Italy, silicone coating, glue from Germany and paper film from Radeče are combined in two production facilities separated from the main production in Radeče. Large rolls of the finished product are then confectioned into smaller rolls or sheets.

Radeče Mouflon, but also higher quality self-adhesive papers Stickershop uses in the printing of paper stickers in the form of rectangles as well as for the printing of black and white ‚product labels .


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Author: Vladimir Marković
30+ years of experience in the graphics industry, from old analog technologies to the latest digital applications in the industry. From analog repro cameras and the first industrial scanners to CTP, CNC, DPI, UV and many other abbreviations brought by the development of technology. I had the privilege of witnessing the transition from analog to digital and the dawn of a new age.


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