How to make a sticker in Serbia?

There are several ways to make stickers. One way is to contact specialized printers that offer sticker printing services. These printers use modern technology to provide clear and attractive graphics. Also, there is a possibility to make stickers yourself at home with the help of a printer and self-adhesive paper or foil. For this purpose, you can use various design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Canva or Microsoft Word. In Word, for example, you can create and print a full page of address labels or name tags based on pre-existing label templates that you can buy at bookstores. There are also video tutorials on YouTube showing how to make different types of stickers.

If you still want a professional sticker production, it is recommended to contact specialized printers like Stickershop that offer these and similar services. It is definitely recommended to have a finished design done in one of the mentioned graphic programs. You can see a selection of stickers here


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Author: Vladimir Marković
30+ years of experience in the graphics industry, from old analog technologies to the latest digital applications in the industry. From analog repro cameras and the first industrial scanners to CTP, CNC, DPI, UV and many more other abbreviations brought by the development of technology. I had the privilege of witnessing the transition from analog to digital and the dawn of a new age.
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