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Retail stickers

Retail stickers

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Stickershop stickers for marking entrances are an elegant and effective solution for order in your facility! Set of stickers has 12 most used prohibitions and notices 10x10cm. Stickers are easy to apply on the window glass from the inside of shop.

Benefits of our retail sticker kit for your store:

  • Create a professional image of yourself : The elegance of our stickers will improve the overall image of your store and contribute to a positive customer experience.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents : With clear and visible stickers at the entrance, you will prevent accidents from food and drink spills, or collisions with pets and roller skates.
  • Reinforce your store's regulations : Our stickers act as clear visual reminders for customers, reducing the need for constant employee intervention.
  • Saves you money : Our decals are a cost-effective way to improve in-store security compared to more expensive signs or security measures.
  • Easy installation and maintenance : The stickers are easily applied from the inside to the glass and are available in a transparent version and an opaque version with a white background. They do not require special maintenance.

    Our stickers are waterproof, UV resistant and modular - we're sending you a set of all 12 prohibitions and notices you need today. Place yourself the stickers you need.

    Invest in your peace of mind and efficiency - order entrance marking stickers today!

    Technical characteristics

    Water resistance: Yes
    UV resistance: Yes
    Print: ink jet
    Material: PVC
    Material surface: gloss


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