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Self-adhesive stickers and labels

Self-adhesive product labels are also called "self-adhesive labels" or "self-adhesive stickers" 😊 and, as a rule, denote textual black-and-white printing. These labels are used to mark products with basic and often legally prescribed information such as product name, quantity, composition, date of manufacture, expiration date, contact details of the manufacturer or importer, barcode and other relevant information. Self-adhesive product labels are usually affixed directly to the product or its packaging to provide useful information to the end consumer.

Specialized printers in Serbia offer printing services for self-adhesive product labels with flexibility in terms of dimensions and print runs. The product labels material can be paper or synthetic, especially if a waterproof declaration is required.

Black and white label with bar code

It is also possible to create self-adhesive labels yourself using self-adhesive printing paper that is compatible with different types of printers and software such as Microsoft Word, Adobe or Corel or online tools such as Canva. These labels can be used on different types of products to label them and provide the necessary information to consumers.

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