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Honey labels: what should you know?

Required documentation for exhibiting honey and honey products

In honor of bees and beekeepers, several rules and regulations have been prescribed, all of which should protect the quality and reputation of the profession and products. Here we provide an extract from the list of necessary documentation for the display of honey and honey products, and we recommend that you consult the above-mentioned law as well as colleagues in beekeepers regarding the remaining details.

List of necessary documentation prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the RS:


  1. Certificate on the health status of the shipment issued at the place of loading by the competent veterinary inspector;
  2. Confirmation from the competent veterinary institute that the company has been examined for acarosis, American plague, nosemosis and varroza of bee brood not older than 6 months in accordance with the Rulebook on measures for the control and eradication of infectious diseases of bees, "Official Gazette of SFRY", no. 6/88;
  3. The honey that is exhibited must be properly declared and must have an analysis of the competent veterinary institute on healthiness in accordance with the Rulebook on the quality of honey and other bee products and methods for quality control of honey and other bee products, "Official Gazette of the SFRY", no. 4/85 and Rulebook on Amendments and Amendments to the Rulebook on the Quality of Honey and Other Bee Products and Methods for Quality Control of Honey and Other Bee Products "Official Gazette of SFRY", no. 7/92.

Article 3.

As this rulebook does not stipulate otherwise for individual products, all products that are put on the market in their original packaging must have a declaration on the wrapper, container or label , which contains the following information:

  1. product name and trade name - if the product has one;
  2. the company , that is, the name and headquarters of the manufacturer;
  3. date of production, ie packaging, expiration date or text: "use by";
  4. net - quantity (mass or volume) of the product;
  5. for honey - designation according to the origin of the honey plant , that is, other honey-bearing parts of plants ("flower honey" or "linden honey") and designation according to production (eg "silted" or "honeycomb honey", etc.);
  6. for preparations based on honey and other bee products as well as honey with additives - the basic ingredients of the product and the amount of those ingredients are expressed in measurement units or percentages;
  7. regional, territorial and topographical name of the area where the honey is produced;
  8. other data of interest to consumers.

The letters for the name of the product and the company, that is, the name of the manufacturer, must be larger and different from the letters of the rest of the text of the declaration.
For packaging of honey weighing more than 10 kg, the declaration can be included in the accompanying documents.

Article 4.

If the products are not packed by the manufacturer, the declaration must contain all the data from Article 3 of this rulebook, except for the data from point 2 of that article, as well as the company, that is, the name and headquarters of the associated labor organization that packed the product.

Article 8.

Products are marketed only in original packaging.

Article 12.

The provisions of this rulebook are also mandatory for individual producers.

Designed self-adhesive labels for honey will be of great help to every beekeeper, to which you only need to add the information specified by law.

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